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Skating V2

V2 Videos

If you pay attention I sneaked some propulsive phases that are not aligned. Try to notice when they are. (Hint, it makes the foot loop from the back)

You can also notice the direction of the ski (depending of the terrain)

V2 Discussion

V2 is your medium gear when skate skiing.  Stronger, more advanced skiers can V2 up slight hills, but it’s mostly used to motor across the flats. This skate ski technique is highly efficient, but only if your balance is good enough to make full use of the long glide on each side. In

The movement of the V2 stands alone from other skate techniques due to its poling frequency and timing. Unlike the V1 technique, which has us poling on one side with a skate in between, the V2 uses a double pole push with every skate.  While the V1 has a simultaneous pole and foot landing, the V2 is delayed: the foot lands on the snow well after the pole plant and push. However the propulsion of both legs and arms is synchronized. This delay is due to the extended gliding time.

Use Ankle Flexion for Forward Momentum

Use Ankle Flexion for Forward Momentum

Skating V2 Ankle Flexion

Use Ankle Flexion for Forward Momentum

Think Forward momentum!!

It can be achieved with ankle flexion or with the overall body.

You will have to recognize depending on speed and terrain what will best adapted.

Picture 1: Forward momentum is created using ankle flexion (more adapted to softer snow and harder terrain. It allows for longer propulsion since the leg is bent.

Picture 2: Forward momentum is created using the whole body. (more adapted to high speed and harder snow.

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