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To the untrained eye, V2 Alternate might appear similar to V1, since the skier is poling only on one side in both techniques. However, timing, usage and body position are different in both techniques. V2 alternate is your tall gear, for fast flats and slight downhill.

Contrary to V1, in V2 alternate, the poles do not touch the ground at the same time than the ski. However once again the propulsion is synchronized for better efficiency. The delay is used to increase the gliding time. If you think about both V2 and V2 alternate both technique are creating a delay that allows for longer gliding time. That is why they are more adapted to flatter terrain but also more efficient.

Skating V2 Alternate Straight Ski

Weight is over the Ski and Speed is Consitent, Ski is going Straight

Staging V2 Alternate Propulsive Phase

Start to Angle the Ski

V2 Alternate Propulsive Phase

Ready for the Transfer

Picture 1&2: Weight transfer. As the weight is over the ski and speed consistent the ski goes along the direction wanted (straight), the ski then start to angle for the propulsive phase leading to the next transfer (picture 3).

Skating V2 Alternate Forward Momentum Drives Weight Forward

Forward momentum drives weight forward.

Skating V2 Alternate Momentum 2

More momentum…

Skating V2 Alternate Keep Body Alignment

The leg does not open up the hip.

Picture 1&2: Forward momentum from the ankle drives the weight forward

Picture 3: The propulsion keep the body alignment, the leg does not open the hip

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