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Skating – V1

V1 Videos

V1 Discussion

VIDEOS:  Focus on the V1 for now, they transition into V2 or V2 alternate.

V1 is used primarily when going uphill. It’s less efficient than the V2 technique, but allows skiers to keep their skis moving when the grade kicks up. Think of it as the “granny gear” of Nordic skiing.

A key point here is the timing. When learning V1, pick one side to pole on. As you become a more advanced skier, you’ll learn to pole on either side, but for now, stick with poling on either the left or the right. As you plant your poles, make sure that your ski hits the snow at the same time as your pole tips. Also, even though you’re poling only on one side, the amount of glide should be equal on both skis.


... to the other.

… to the other.

V1 Pole Plant

V1 Pole Plant

Transfer your weight from one leg....

Transfer your weight from one leg….

Picture 1: Plant your poles at the same time that your leg hits the ground

Picture 2 & 3: Transfer your weight from one leg to another

The pole movement is just here to help that transfer.

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