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Plain Valley Nordic Team is implementing the US Ski and Snowboard 3 layer system:

  • Love for the outdoors
  • Culture of training
  • Culture of performance

Each layer compliments the other to support the development of well-rounded athletes proficient in their outdoor environment. Developing a well rounded-athlete is further enhanced by advocating multi-sports activities.

The Devo Program
Play to train

Focus on skills is small, focus on play is large. Most of the skills are acquired through play and reinforced with small drills. The end goal is that skiers train without noticing it.

  1. Promote the development of a passion for PLAYING outdoors in both dry land and winter
  2. Develop a base layer for ski technique. This includes:
    • Getting acquainted with the equipment
    • Develop balance on skis that promotes weight shift from ski to ski
    • Develop the first layer of movement techniques (forward/turn/stop) (snowplow/snowplow turn, ski walking/skate with no poles)
    • Introduce different coordinations
  3. Introduce racing

The ADT program
Train to Train

Focus on skills is larger, distance training is introduced but not the main focus. A playful environment is still preponderant. The end goal is to create an environment where skiers enjoy training.

  1. Further promote love for the outdoors
  2. Develop BASIC skate and classic coordinations (V1, V2, V2alt, stride, double pole kick, double pole), dynamic turning and breaking
  3. INTRODUCE emphasis on training culture and self-development
    • Goal Setting Introduction
    • Further educate kids to equipment (skis, wax, etc)
    • Develop a passion for effort
    • Fast is fun, fun is fast
  4. Encourage racing

The SRT Program
Train to Perform

Focus on skill and training is large. The end goal is to be an accomplished skier and young adult by the time they graduate and create a lifelong interest in the sport that will help grow the sport.

  1. Pledge of commitment to self-development.
  2. Technical refinement of the basic coordinations
  3. Introduction and implementation of training log and training periodization.
  4. Introduce and develop a passion for effort focused on a specific goal
  5. Racing is a key component
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