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Classic Double Poling

Double Poling Videos

Note the differences depending on terrain.

  • You always lean at a similar angle, but it drives either from the ankle or from the overall body.
  • Also, depending of the speed, amplitude and frequency adapt to keep speed consistent.

DP Discussion


  • Pole Push Phase, which begins just before the skier plants his poles in the snow, and ends when the poles lift off the snow behind him.
  • Recovery Phase, which is the phase when the skier elevates his trunk and swings his, poles forward.

Learning how to double pole means learning how to direct the most force, with the least effort, through your pole tips to the ground in a backwards direction, so that you move forward.

Many skiers think that force comes from muscles in the core and arms pushing the skier forward. Your arm and core muscles do play a role in propulsion, but there is another, far more powerful source of energy you should use when you double pole –> GRAVITY through Forward Momentum

Classic Double Poling Raise

Raising your body weight

Classic Double Poling Drop

Dropping body weight

Things to Consider

  • Double pole technique is less about pushing yourself forward with your arms and core muscles and more about using your upper body strength to channel potential energy into kinetic energy.
  • You create and release potential energy with every double pole cycle by raising and “dropping” your body weight. Your goal is to learn how to use your upper body strength to channel this energy with minimal loss.
  • For those who don’t think in terms of physics, here’s a different explanation: you rose up during your Recovery Phase and now you’re going to use your falling weight to push your poles. All you’ll need to do is let your body weight transfer through your poles and into the ground.
  • Don’t reach or try to lean forward. All reaching will do is make you feel off balance and uncoordinated. It’s very important to stay in a comfortable position. The forward body lean you notice when expert skiers double pole comes from their ankles, not from “bowing” or reaching with the upper body at all.

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