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Coaches Corner

Welcome to Pierre Niess’ coaches corner, a reference for coaches, techniques and best practices when teaching nordic and classic skiing to children.    We start with Base Principles and Teaching Vocabulary, and then move on to specific techniques and drills.

Base Principles

What is endurance training?

• Endurance involves the body’s muscles ability to continually function over a sustained period of time.

• Endurance has two main components, aerobic and anaerobic.

• Aerobic activities are ones where the body has time to supply energy via blood and oxygen to the working muscles.

• Anaerobic activities involve the body’s muscles working with their limited stored energy without replenishment.

•  An anaerobic example is the short sprints in sports games or individual events up to 90 seconds.

• Between 90 seconds and 3 minutes it is a combination of both anaerobic and aerobic.

• The longer the sprint, game, the more the body moves to aerobic power.

• The body can be trained to tolerate long periods of aerobic exercise (cross country running, triathlon)

• The body can be trained to become more efficient in anaerobic exercise but the 90-second time line cannot be overly extended.

How do we want to achieve it?
Sports coaches achieve outstanding levels of kid’s endurance by:

• Keeping the endurance training exercises fun and enjoyable.  Lots of relays, circuits, and team work drills.

• Coaches and other parents becoming involved and doing the endurance training exercises with the kid’s.

• Being very consistent in training by ensuring fitness activities are the bases for all training session activities.

• Having a specific goal event or competition planned that you as coach and the athletes can use as motivation.

• Making a record of your sessions and evaluating the results at the completion of the season.

Successful endurance training for kids:

– Keep the kid’s focused, motivated, and challenged

– Without totally physically and mentally destroying them

– Be very forthcoming with positive praise.

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