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Our mission is to reach out to youth, without discrimination, and through the use of the sport of Nordic skiing, help them to become productive, motivated, respectful, self-sufficient, educated, physically active adults, and positive contributors to our community and the world.


1. To teach the sport of Nordic skiing and racing.

2. To prioritize fun.

3. To fully support each skiers unique goals and life path.

4. To recognize that some skiers are drawn to competition and some are not, and to allow both to thrive within the same team.

5. To demonstrate, by our actions, the value of being honest, respectful, helpful, encouraging, kind, friendly, and sharing.

6. To build community, in our community, and outside our community.

7. To teach skiers how to develop goals, objectives, and supporting plans, and then how to execute the plan to achieve their goals and objectives. Plan the work and work the plan.

8. To engage the community in investing in youth.

9. To recognize that skiers will mature physically and emotionally at different speeds, and as a result, we will adjust their curriculum to best meet their needs.

10. To focus on quality over quantity, and the personal development of the individual over the performance results of the skier.

11. To always remember that it’s about the kids, and to do what is in their best interests.

12. To recognize a skiers outstanding performance in life (athletic, academic, or other).

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