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Groomer's Report - Wednesday, 2/19/2020 - Good morning, skiers! Great skating conditions today, with fresh skate platform groomed last night on most trails. Classic track was left from yesterday. The weather pattern with cold nights and warm day has made for some great skiing! Trails are staying firm for most of the day. Watch for [...]

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Groomer's Report - Tuesday, 2/18/20 - Good morning, skiers! It's another beautiful sunny day on the trails! We have fresh grooming on most trails, and it is skiing very well. The skating is excellent, very frozen in in the morning hours, and softening as the afternoon comes. We had an overnight low of 16, and [...]

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Groomer's Report - Monday, 2/17/20 - Good morning, skiers! It's another bluebird day today, currently 28 degrees at 9 AM, with a trace of new snow. Trails are groomed skate and classic for today! Fresh classic set in many areas and the trails are looking good! Check out today's pics on Instagram and Facebook! Watch [...]

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Groomer's Report - Sunday, 2/16/2020 - Good morning, skiers! Great conditions out there today! Check our Instagram feed (Plain Valley Ski Trails) to see what the trails look like! Fresh skate and classic set on most trails for today and it looks awesome! Double classic tracks have been set on the Meadow Loop Trail. It [...]

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Groomer's Report - Saturday, 2/15/2020 - Good morning skiers! Today we have partly sunny skies, 36 degrees, and no new snow. The overnight low was 32, and yesterday's high was 42. Trails were groomed this morning for skate, and we left the classic tracks from yesterday. Skiing is looking very good, but watch for ice [...]

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Groomer's Report - Friday, 2/14/2020 - Good morning, skiers! We have sunshine after a trace of new snow last night. It is 33 degrees at 9 AM, with a forecast for sunshine and 40 degrees today, and more snow tonight. Fresh skate was set on most trails, and classic was left from yesterday. Groomer's choice [...]

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Groomers Report 2/14/20 - Good morning skiers! Snow is falling this morning, with about a half an inch of new snow overnight. It's about 34 degrees at 9 a.m. All open trails were groomed for just skate this morning, as the classic track is still frozen in. New access point to Sprint Loop, the Stadium [...]

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Groomer's Report - Thursday, 2/13/2020 - Good morning, skiers. Under sunny and blue skies we have a frosty 21 degrees at 8 AM, no new snow. Trails were groomed last night for skate, and we left the classic tracks as they were (really good in most areas). Also groomed for skate was the Sprint Loop, [...]

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Groomer's Report - Wednesday, 2/12/2020 - Good morning, skiers! Sunshine and blue skies will greet you on the trails today! We groomed late last night for both classic and skate and the trails are looking good! Watch for icy spots under trees and a few water hazards. Overall, 98% great skiing. Groomer's choice today will [...]

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Groomer's Report - Tuesday, 2/11/2020 - Good morning, skiers! Sunny skies and warmer weather will greet you on the trails today! Last night we groomed most trails for skate, and left the classic tracks from yesterday. Watch for icy spots, especially when in the forested areas. Hot Tub Hill at Mt. Springs Lodge is icy [...]

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