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Groomer's Report - Saturday, 1/18/2020 - Good morning, skiers! The next storm has just hit Plain, with about 1" already on the ground, and about 4" more to come, mostly by 10 am when the rate of precipitation eases up. We have delayed grooming, typically which starts at 6 am, to let this new snowfall [...]

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Groomer's Report - Friday, 1/17/20 - Good morning, skiers! It's a chilly 8 degrees at 6:30 AM. We have a trace of snow and overcast skies. The forecast call for snow today after 4 pm, and a high of 28 degrees. We are currently grooming skate platforms and leaving classic from yesterday. We plan to [...]

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Grooming Report, Thursday, 1/16/2020 - Good morning skiers! We have picked up about 8" of new very fluffy powder overnight. It is currently 14 degrees, no precip at the moment, and the moon is peaking through the high clouds. Looks like this storm has passed, and the forecast is for sunny skies later today and [...]

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Groomer's Report - Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 - Under a clear sky with stars twinkling, we have a wintry -3 degrees at 6:30 am. We are currently grooming for both skate and classic. We picked up about 3" of new overnight. Yesterday's high was 17, the low -3, and the forecast is for a high [...]

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Groomer's Report - Tuesday, 1/14/2020 - Good morning, skiers! Trails are looking really good. We have just under 1" of new snow, and now skies are clearing and the sun is out! The overnight low was 7 degrees, yesterday's high was 17. It is currently 12 degrees at 9:30 AM. Trails are groomed this morning [...]

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Groomer's Report - Monday, 1/13/2020 - Good morning, skiers! What an amazing day of skiing we had yesterday! With a break in the weather today, the trails are going to groom out even better! We are currently grooming at 6 AM for both classic and skate. It is 22 degrees after yesterday's high of 39. [...]

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Groomer's Report - Sunday, 1/12/2020 - Good morning, skiers! Another day, another storm! It is snowing at a moderate rate, 28 degrees, with 1-1/2" of new overnight, as of 6:40 AM. The forecast calls for continued snow today, with about 3" more inches coming between 7 AM and 3 PM, when the snow is projected [...]

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Groomer's Report - Saturday, 1/11/20 - Good morning, skiers! Trails are looking great this morning for both skate and classic. We have about 10" of new fluffy snow from the storm cycle. We have blue sky and broken clouds this morning, 27 degrees, and no snow falling. The groomers packed trails during the storm yesterday, [...]

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Groomer's Report - Friday, 1/10/20 - Good morning, skiers! We have a Winter Storm Warning on for today, and the snow has just started. We expect 5" of new today, and more tomorrow. We are grooming this morning for skate currently, and leaving classic as is from yesterday. The Playground (for kids) is set up [...]

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Grooming Report - Thursday, 1/9/2020 - Good morning, skiers! We are out grooming the trails this morning and the forecast is calling for sunshine and a high of 30. The overnight low was 21 and yesterday's high was 39. It is clear and 22 degrees at 6 AM. Should be one of the best skiing [...]

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