Groomer’s report – Thursday

Good morning! Lot’s of rain last night and warm temps.

No new grooming this AM so as not to do more damage than good on the trails. Overnight low was 35.

Snowshoe trails are in good shape.

Best skiing will be classic today. Skating will be uber slow and soft!

Let’s hope for a return to some cooler nights! Still lots of snow in spite of the rain we have had.


Groomer’s report – Wednesday 9 AM

Good morning! Under mostly sunny skies it is 38 degrees. No new snow. The overnight low was 31 and yesterday’s high was 43. We have picked up 1/2″ of rain in the last 24 hours.

The snow is holding up well and we are currently at 22″ of snowpack.

The Meadow Loop Trails have fresh classic and skate groomed this AM. The Beaver Creek Trail has fresh classic and skate groomed part way, up to the wooded section that parallels Chiwawa Loop Road.

The Peavine Railroad Snowshoe Trail is in good shape having been packed out after the last snowstorm on Sunday night.

Best skiing today will be classic as the skate platform will be softening with the warming temps, and forecast high of 45.

Have fun and enjoy the sun!


Groomer’s Report – Tuesday 9 AM

Well … they can’t all be new snow and bluebird days! It is currently 34 degrees and a very light freezing rain this morning. About 1″ of new overnight but it has been saturated with the light rain. The overnight low was 24 and yesterday’s high was 27.

The snowshoe trails were packed yesterday and they are in great shape!

The ski trails have not been groomed this AM pending better conditions and the repair of our track setter (working on it right now). If the repair goes well and temps stay above freezing, we will see what results we can get with grooming.

Looks like a wet Wednesday coming up then a drying trend towards the weekend.


Groomer’s report – Monday 7 AM

4″ of new pow last night! It is currently not snowing, broken clouds, and 20 degrees. The overnight low was 17 and yesterday’s high was 21. We have 26″ of snowpack at this point.

Grooming is underway starting with the Meadow Loop Trail, followed by the Beaver Creek Trail. Skate and classic. Last will be the Beaver Hill Loop Trail.

Snowshoe trails did see some hikers over the weekend, but will have some fresh snow on them this morning. I’ll update the report when then get fully packed out, hopefully later today.

Beautiful winter morning out there! Get out and play!


Groomer’s report – Friday 7 AM

Good morning on this last day of a very snowy February. We have measured 65.7 inches of new snow this month!

Under cloudy skies it is currently 30 degrees. No new snow but a few flurries this morning. The overnight low was 28 and yesterday’s high was 46.

The snowshoe trail are all marked and packed out and ready for fun!

I groomed the Meadow Loop Trails and the Beaver Creek Trails late last night and they are in great shape. Should be some of the best skating conditions of the year today! These trails are groomed for skate and classic track skiing.

The Beaver Hill Loop is currently being groomed for skate only and should be finished by 9:30 AM.

Enjoy the snow! More is on the way!


Groomer’s report – Thursday 7:30 AM

Good morning! Looks like winter is here to stay! Under cloudy skies we have 27 degrees and a VERY LIGHT freezing rain. No ice buildup. The overnight low was 23 and yesterday’s high was 39. The snowpack has consolidated down to a healthy and firm 27″.

Should be some good skiing this weekend and into next week with some cold temps and light snow in the forecast!!!

The snowshoe trails were tromped out yesterday and are looking great!

The ski trails are getting the skate platform groomed today. Classic track is holding well from previous grooming. Grooming is underway and they should be finished by 9:30 AM. Starting with the Meadow Loop Trails, the Beaver Creek Trails are next, and finishing with the Beaver Hill Loop Trail.

Have fun!


Groomer’s report – Wednesday 7:30 AM

Good morning – what an amazing pink sunrise we had today! No new snow. It is currently 26 degrees under a very high and thin overcast. The overnight low was 25 and yesterday’s high was 31. We are sitting on an amazing 29″ base!

Skate lanes are currently being groomed. Sticking with yesterday’s classic tracks as they have held up very well with the cold temps!

Snowshoe trail is well marked. We plan to pack in out today as it has a few inches of new snow on it!

Get out and play! Great conditions!


Groomer’s report – Tuesday 9 AM

4″ of new in the last 24 hours! Base is currently at 29″ in Plain! Current temp is 30 degrees. The overnight low was 25, and yesterdays high was 29. We have broken overcast with a bit of sun shining through right now.

The snow shoe trails are well marked but not yet tromped out from yesterday’s snowfall.

The ski trails are currently being groomed. Skate platform is complete on all and classic tracks are now being set. New track is being put down on all trails except the Beaver Hill Loop. That will give us 14 K’s of classic track, and 17 K’s of skate!

It’s great skiing out there!


Groomer’s report – Monday 7 AM

Wow! More snow! It is currently snowing lightly, with a health 1″ overnight. Probably picked up 3-4 inches yesterday! Currently it is 26 degrees. The overnight low was 26, and yesterday’s high was 31. We have a snow depth of about 30″ right now.

The entire snow show trail system was packed yesterday and is looking good! It’s been incredible with all the new snow! We have loops of 1.1 and 1.5 miles, or headlamp hike through to Mt. Springs Lodge .75 miles for dinner!

Grooming is underway for the ski trails. We will have fresh classic and skate lanes set. Trails should be ready starting around 9 AM!

Enjoy the great snow!


Groomer’s update – 1:30 PM

I just re-groomed for skate the Meadow Loop Trail as well as the entire Beaver Creek Trail. It was getting a bit thick for skating. It’s packing in well!

The Peavine Railroad Snowshoe Trail has be packed out fully today and it’s in great shape! A beautiful day out there!

Still snowing lightly and 31 degrees.