Groomer’s report – Thursday

Morning skiers!  Under cloudy skies we have a trace of new snow.  It is currently 29 degrees.  Skate deck groomed for Beaver Hill Loop, the Meadow Loop, Bev’s Loop, and the route to Mt. Springs.  Classic track was set about 6 days ago but continues to hold up well in most areas.  No classic track on Beaver Hill.  Not groomed this AM was the Beaver Creek Trail, as conditions have remained perfect and the skate deck remained in great shape with limited use.

Fresh snow coming tonight!


Groomer’s update – Wednesday 10 AM.

Good morning skiers!  With light snow falling it is 29 degrees with a trace of new.  Groomed this AM for skating today are the Beaver Hill Loop and the Beaver Creek Trail.  The Meadow Loop, Bev’s Loop, and the Super Oval will be groomed by noon.

Classic track was set several days ago on the Meadow Loop, Bev’s Loop, and the Beaver Creek Trail.  Lack of snow depth and/or fresh snow is preventing us from setting fresh classic track at this time.  The existing track is a mixed bag quality wise, but plenty of good track, and in some areas there is none.  Feel free to classic on the skate platform!

Groomer’s report – Tuesday 9 AM

Good morning!  With a light snow falling and a trace of new, it is currently 28 degrees.  The overnight low was 28 and yesterday’s high was 32.  We have a 7″ base in Plain, and a 12″ base at the far northern end of the trail system (Stonewater Ranch).

Groomed last night for skating was Beaver Hill Loop (looking really good right now), the Meadow Loop, and new this year, Bev’s Loop.  The route from Mt. Springs to Stonewater Ranch up Beaver Creek was last groomed on Monday morning for skate.  Low snow conditions in the Mt. Spings Lodge area, but good once you are past that.

Classic track set last Saturday on Meadow Loop and Beaver Creek Trail.  New classic set last night on Bev’s Loop.  No classic set on the Beaver Hill Loop.

Snowshoe trails are closed until we get more snow, which might happen this Thursday night!

All in all, some good skiing out there!


Groomer’s report – Sunday noon

It is currently 30 degrees with light snow.  1/2″ of new snow last night, but it has helped!  Skate platform groomed for Meadow Loop, Beaver Creek, and Beaver Hill (first grooming of the season – it will be soft for now).  Best skiing will be the large loop at the Boy’s Ranch, if you can get there! Low snow conditions as you work your way through the Mt. Springs area.  Beaver Hill, once it has a day to firm up, will offer a technically challenging and fast course for skaters.

The classic track was set two days ago and is in good shape!.

Snowshoe trail is closed at this time due to low snow coverage.


Groomer’s report – Wednesday 9AM

Good morning skiers!  We are open with the Meadow Loop and the Beaver Creek Trail Systems open.  That’s around 12 K’s groomed for skate and classic.  This morning all trails were groomed for skate.  Classic tracks were set yesterday and are in good shape, except icy and some obstacles on the course due to low snow depth.

Skating should be very good (fast!) today and I would choose that over classic.

Snow shoe trails are not open at this time due to low snow.

Tonight we have our Ladies of Leisure ski team group going out for a classic headlamp ski!  Meet at Plain Hardware at 7 PM.


Groomer’s report – Sunday 1PM

Just back from grooming in the new snow today!  It is currently 24 degrees.  The overnight low was 15 and yesterday’s high was 25.  We have 2″ of new snow and snowing moderately.

Skate and classic set on Meadow Loop and Beaver Creek trails.  Approximately 12 K’s.  Still some small areas with light coverage so watch for that!  Trails is looking really good overall!

Groomer’s report – Saturday 9 AM

Good morning, skiers!  Under partly sunny skies it is 26 degrees.  The overnight low was 7 and yesterdays high was 28.  We have a light dusting of new snow overnight …. and lots more in the forecast!!!  The Meadow Loop Trails were freshly groomed for skating this morning, including the route to Mt. Springs Lodge.  Classic tracks were set several days ago and are in OK shape.  Some low coverage spots so watch out for them.  Few and far between … pretty good skating all in all!

Snowshoe trails are not open yet due to low snowpack.

The trail up Beaver Creek is not recommended at this time due to low snow coverage.


Groomer’s report – Friday 10 AM

Good morning skiers!  Under sunny skies we have snow flurries and lots of sun!  We have a current temp of 26. Last nights low was 5 degrees, and yesterday’s high was 26.  No new snow, but lots in the forecast for Sunday and Sunday night!  We have limited trails open due to low snow coverage.  The Meadow Loop system is groomed fresh today for skate, and also has classic tracks set.  Some minor obstacles exist.

Snowshoe trails are not yet open, but we hope to have enough coverage by next weekend!

The Plain Valley Nordic Team’s Ladies of Leisure met today for the first time and had a great skate with Coach Erika!  This group meets Monday’s at 10 AM for classic skiing, Wednesday’s at 7 PM for alternating skate or classic (bring your headlamp), and Friday’s at 10 AM for skate skiing!  All skill levels accommodated!

LOL 1-2-15


Groomer’s report – Wednesday 9 AM

Under bluebird skies and crisp white snow it is currently 7 degrees.  The overnight low was 3 and yesterdays high was 26.  There is no new snow and we are sitting on a 7″ – 12″ base.  This morning we have our first groomed classic tracks of the season!  The Meadow Loop now has a great looking set of classic tracks.  I also groomed tracks to Mt. Springs Lodge (but not beyond).  The Beaver Creek section of the trail is poorly covered and minimally groomed due to very low snow cover.  Adventurous skiers will find much better grooming and coverage at the Stonewater Ranch section of the trail, where we have a nice loop roller packed.

Amazing weather today so last chance this year to get out!  Have a great New Year’s Eve Day!

Rob and the Staff at Plain Hardware

Groomer’s report – Tuesday 9 AM

Good morning skiers! Under blue skies it is currently 4 degrees. The overnight low was 2, and yesterday’s high was 28. We have no new snow last night and we are sitting on about 7″ in the base area, and about 12″ at the far end of the trail system.

We have roller packed only. No classic track set, and still very rough for skating. Low snow conditions and many obstacles are present on the trail, especial as you make your way though the Mt. Springs Lodge area. We have good coverage in the Meadow Loop area, which offers some nice flat terrain out in the sunshine!

We are open, but conditions are rough at best. Good classic touring in the Meadow area.

From the State Park –
Lake Wenatchee State Park
Grooming Report
Tues 12/30 7 a.m. 10 degrees 0” new; Variable snow to 9” in the open Clear

Get current snow/weather conditions at the park here: Weather Station
Local forecast: National Weather Service Point Forecast

General Conditions: Low snow cover, thin along shorelines and under dense tree cover. No tracks can be set until we have more snow. We cannot do much with the snow we have, but we are able to create packed and lightly finished surface that is irregular / uneven but still offers pleasant skiing. Skating not recommended. Watch out for equipment the next few days; we’ll be working daylight hours due to low snow cover. Signing and maps will gradually be put into place in the coming days. Bear with us, low snow cover and no opportunity for “pre-holiday” trail preparations are making for reduced daily grooming miles.

South Park and Kahler: Currently touching up with snowmobile + roller / finisher. Plan to add trails to Kahler this afternoon.
North Park: Groomed late yesterday afternoon. Thin along the lakeshore, but nice overall.
Nason Ridge: Groomed entire Lower Nason to Butcher Creek gate on Sunday (7 km). Plan to groom again this afternoon; possibly run Upper Nason late in the day if time allows.
Chiwawa: Grooming there beginning at daylight. We plan to pack and finish most of this trail except for areas we know have many exposed roots. Under low snow conditions these can snag the snow cat tracks and do a great deal of damage.