Grooming Report – Sunday, 1 Feb. 2015

Good morning skiers!  All of our skate ski trails are groomed nicely between 0600 and 0830 and are ready for skiers!  The overnight low was 28*F with yesterday’s high being around 37*F.  The trails are a little softer then they have been the past couple of weeks due to snowfall.  Today is supposed to be cloudy with chances of precipitation.

Hopefully the snow continues so we can make the course even better!  Until then, enjoy your afternoons out on the trail and have fun skiing!

Groomer’s report – Saturday 9 AM

Morning skiers!  With a light snow falling and a trace of new, it is currently 30 degrees.  The overnight low was 28 and yesterday’s high was 32.

This morning all trails were groomed for skate.  Meadow Loop Trail and Beaver Creek Trail were also groomed with new classic track.  Should be great skiing, especially skating today!  Watch for a few limited icy spots under the trees.

The snowshoe trail is packed and open!  About 4 K’s long, including the trail to Mt. Springs Lodge.

We are having an event on the trails today.  It will be held on the Beaver Hill Trail starting about 12:30 PM, and ending by 2 PM.  It is a 1 K three person relay, with a focus on the kids skiing on the Plain Valley Nordic Team.  All are welcome (kids or adults), and we will find a team for you if you want us to!

Have fun and rock it!


Grooming report Fri. 9am

Good morning skiers, grooming was completed between 6-8:30 am. Meadow Loop and Beaver Hill have nice snow,skating deck in good shape, classic tracks are hanging in there! It was 27 degrees during grooming with a light snow. Beaver Creek trail has some thin spots through Mtn. Springs and through trees on the way to Boys home and Stables, but once you get to Boys home and beyond, snow is great!


Have a great day skiing!


Grooming Report, 29 Jan.

Good morning skiers!  The weather today is supposed to be mostly cloudy with some sun.  The overnight low was 27*F and yesterday’s high was around 33*F.  All of the trails were groomed this morning, from 0600 to 0800.

The skate trails are fresh but will soften throughout the day in places.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy the course!


Groomer’s report – Tuesday 9 AM

Morning skiers!  We have sure had a nice string of sunny days to ski!  Looks like another one shaping up!  All trails were groomed for skating this AM starting at 6 AM.  It is currently partly sunny and 29 degrees.  The overnight low was 28, and yesterday’s high was 46.  Classic track was set almost one week ago and is holding up well.

Skate platform is very nice and we have some good skating.  It will soften in the mid afternoon in the sunny areas.  Colder and less sunshine as you head up Beaver Creek Trail.  The Beaver Hill Loop is really fun and very challenging technically with it’s steep drops and sharp corners.  If you haven’t skied that trail and want some fun, come check it out!


Groomer’s report – Sunday

Morning!  Grooming started at 6 and was finished at 8 today.  We did dip below freezing last night and the skate platform set up well.  All trails groomed for skate this AM.  Classic track is in place on all trails from earlier this week.

Good skiing this AM.  Some limited icy spots near Mt. Springs Lodge under the trees, but some great snow past those icy areas as you make your way up the Beaver Creek Trail System.

Rip it up!!!


Groomer’s report – Friday 9 AM

Good morning!  Another awesome day to get outside!  It is currently 32 degrees, overcast, and some light showers has passed through.  The overnight low was 27, and yesterday’s high was 34.  No new snow in the last 24 hours.

Tep groomed all trails with the drag this AM for skating.  The skating has been fantastic with the stable weather pattern.  Some icy spots under trees so watch for those, but lots of great snow out in the open!  The classic tracks were set on Monday and are in good shape (and fast!!!).

We plan to open the snowshoe trails on Saturday morning!  About 4 K’s of packed and signed trails will be available.

Get out and play!


Groomer’s report – Wednesday 11 AM

Morning, skiers!  Under partly sunny skies it is currently 23 degrees.  We had an overnight low of 17, and yesterday’s high was 42.  We have about 17 inches of snow on the ground. No new snow.

All trails were groomed for skating this morning!  It’s “hero” snow today – hard and fast and you will feel like an Olympic hero out there since you will be skiing so fast!

Classic tracks were set on Monday and are in great shape.  Tracks set on all trails.

Have fun!


Groomer’s report – Tuesday 10 AM

Good morning!  What a great weekend of weather and skiing!  We picked up 11 inches of new snow on Saturday and Saturday night.  Blue skies today and currently 27 degrees.  No new snow.  The overnight low was 18, and yesterday’s high was 44.  Fresh classic track was set yesterday on all trails and they are in great shape today.  This morning the skate platforms were groomed out on all trails.  It will be fun and fast skating on very consolidated snow!

Have fun!


Groomer’s report – Monday 9 AM

Wow!  What a weekend of weather!  11″ of new on Saturday, then some rain!

It is currently 30 degrees.  The Meadow Loop is groomed for skate and classic.  New classic laid down this AM, include the route to Mt. Springs Lodge.

We are currently working on skate and classic on the Beaver Creek Trails.  The freeze last night after the rain has made for some challenging grooming, but it is slowly taking shape!

We will groom Bev’s Loop and Beaver Hill Loop last.

We plan to open the snow show trails later this week!