Groomer’s update – 11:30 AM

Snowing today! Almost 3″ of new since 6 AM! It is currently 34 degrees. The overnight low was 31 and yesterday’s high was 47. I’ve made multiple passes with both the roller packer and the Ginzu Groomer today. The snow has been very wet and clumpy for grooming but is packing in firmly, but not a perfectly smooth surface. As it sets up and cools tonight I’ll groom again and Sunday looks to be setting up for a real nice day for skiing – the 1st of April!!! I did not set classic track but you can classic in the skate lane.


Groomer’s update – Thursday 8 AM

No new grooming today. It is snowing with 1/2″ of new so far. I hope to groom for this weekend as the overnight lows cool down and the rain lessens. It is currently 31 degrees. The overnight low was 30 and yesterday’s high was 50. The trails are open but have not been groomed since Monday. The forecast looks like we might squeeze out a few more days of skiing! We’ll see. I did pump up all my bike tires just in case!


Groomer’s update – Tuesday 8 AM

Good morning! It is snowing and 29 degrees. The overnight low was 26 and yesterday’s high was 49. The skate lane was groomed last night around 9 PM with a single pass of the Ginzu Groomer. It came out nice overall. The tight corners are more irregular so watch those. Should be great skiing today! I’m headed out now so I’ll let you know in a bit how it was!

Go ski – might be your last chance with great conditions!


Groomer’s report for Tuesday

I have just finished grooming out the skate platform (Monday 9 PM) for Tuesday’s skiing. The skies are clear and the temperatures are dropping towards freezing. The forecast says 31 as the low tonight but the pattern has been that we will drop 4-5 degrees below that. This should result in a firm and fast skate platform in the early morning hours! There is precip in the forecast for Tuesday so head out early and you might miss it and have great snow to skate on!

I did not re-set the classic tracks. The outer loop was set for today. The inner loops are fairly skied out and not been reset for several days. I will try to re-set them after the rain passes this week.

Great skating! Get out there and check it out!


Groomer’s report – Monday 7 AM

Still grooming and it’s almost April! Good morning! Under a high overcast it is currently 32 degrees. The overnight low was 29 and yesterdays high was 48. I groomed the skate lane with one pass of the Ginzu last night, finishing around 9 PM. It came out looking great and had all night to set up. Should be fast and smooth this AM. Classic tracks are well skied but holding up OK.

Have fun out there!


Groomer’s report – Sunday 8 AM

Good morning! Under partly sunny skies it is currently 29 degrees. The overnight low was 23 and yesterday’s high was 53. The trails are holding up very well! I groomed the skate lane with two passes of the Ginzu Groomer last night finishing around 10 PM. Skating should be fast this morning! Classic tracks are still holding up well even with the warm temps. I did not re-set them today but hope to in the next few days. Some great snow – clean and no ice! Full coverage! Great skating today!


Groomer’s report – Saturday 7 AM

Good morning! Under a high and thin overcast it is currently 23 degrees. The overnight low was 22 and yesterday’s high was 47. Last night I groomed the skate platform with 2-3 passes of the Ginzu Groomer, finishing at 10 PM. It had all night to set up in the freezing temps so it is going to be fun today! The classic tracks are in good shape and I did not reset them. The trail held up very well yesterday and should again today. The best skiing will happen before the outside air temp hits 40, but even after that it’s been good – just not as fast. Get out there and play!