Groomer’s report for Wednesday, 11 AM.

Low last night was 24. Yesterday’s high was 42. It is already warmed up to 40. While we still have coverage on the groomed trail, the limited amount of snow meant I was unable to groom skate or classic today. A few tufts of grass are showing here and there. There are some sections of classic track that look good, but much of the classic is washed out. Some good sections to skate and others that are uneven. A klister day again for classic waxers and your warmest glide wax.

Groomer’s report for Tuesday, 8:45 AM.

Good morning – it’s a cold and crisp morning in Plain. Overnight low was 24 degrees. Yesterdays high was 45! Snow coverage is minimal so grooming has been limited. I made one pass with the heavy drag this morning. Skate lane is frozen hard and irregular, but still fun and ski-able. The classic tracks were last set on Sunday. They are good in some spots and washed out in others. Klister if you are waxing for classic skis. Still a warm glide wax like a ToKo yellow for your skate skis. Forecasted high for today is 38. The light cloud cover we have should keep temps down which will make for a firmer platform all day. See you out on the trails!


Groomer’s report – Monday.

Current temp is 37 with a forecasted high of 39. High overcast. I took two passes with the heavy drag to knock things down. Snow coverage is OK today. No rocks, just some tufts of grass in a few spots. Skating should be good unless it gets too soft later in the day. Classic track was last groomed on Sunday. It is OK but not great! We currently have 10″ of snow coverage. Have fun! Rob.

Groomer’s Report for Sunday, November 26th, 12:24 PM

Current temperature – 33 degrees

Overnight low – 28

Yesterday’s high – 36

No new snow.

Weather currently is very light rain and filtered sunshine.

All 8 K’s (5 miles) were groomed for skate and classic last night and completed at 10 PM. The trails firmed up very nicely overnight as the temps were below freezing. Classic track came out very nice – hard and fast! Skate lane has a very firm base but some early season unevenness.

Classic waxers – snow is very much “seasoned” by several above freezing afternoons – klister!

Overall, some great skiing for so early in the season! Have fun!