Groomer’s report – Tuesday 8:30 AM

No new snow last night but we had a low of 11 degrees so the snow on the track had a chance to set up. I took a pass down the middle of the skate lane with the ginzu groomer and its beautiful, I left the classic track alone because it looks good from yesterday. So get out there and ski its gonna be a GREAT out there.

The current temp is 23 degrees and yesterdays high was 39.. WOW!

have fun out there.


Groomer’s report – Monday 9 AM

Good morning all you skiers, we had about 7 inches of new snow last night and have taken two passes with the roller packer to pack down the powder. I will take two more passes with the ginzu groomer to flatten down the skate lane and i will reset the classic track. the current temp is 10 degrees and the forcast says it is to be sunny today so it should be an awesome day out there.

Last nights low was 12 degrees and yesterdays high was 28.

Have a great day of skiing.


Groomer’s report – Sunday 8 AM

Good morning, skiers! With light snow falling it is currently 24 degrees. No new snow at this time. Yesterday’s high was 38 (yes-for real) and the overnight low was 21. The snow has nicely consolidated and the skating today is fantastic. It has been groomed with 2 passes. We have left the classic track alone from yesterday’s grooming. It is in good shape and should be fast today!

Have fun – ski early today before the snow overtakes us!


Groomer’s report – Saturday 10 AM

Good morning! Under blustery filtered sunshine it is currently 37 degrees. We have 3″ of new. The overnight low was 13 and yesterday’s high was 18. The trails are groomed for both classic and skate. I set classic track on all – including Rob’s Roller Coaster section! This is the first time we have been above freezing for quite some time! It will help to consolidate all the new snow from the last week, firming up the skate platform that has been a touch soft.

We are getting breaks of sunshine and blue sky and it is just gorgeous out there right now!

Have fun!


Groomer’s report – Friday 8 AM

Good morning – a nice break in the snowfall last night and today! No new snow this AM. It is currently overcast, light flurries have just started, and it is currently 12 degrees. The overnight low was 8 and yesterdays high was 14! Now that’s what I call winter! The trails have been groomed for both skate and classic this AM! I’m headed over now for some “product testing”! Yes – it’s tough work but someone’s got to handle the quality control!!! Trails groomed by Bobbie this morning with the Ginzu Groomer.

Get out there and play!


Groomer’s update – 2 PM

We have made 3 passes with the Ginzu Groomer and the skating platform is as packed in as we can make it. Classic track is now set around the perimeter of the course. While still snowing, there is a very low rate of accumulation. It is 17 degrees. I’m headed out to skate on it now and I’ll let you know how it is!


Groomer’s report – Thursday 9 AM

Wow! It’s starting to look like winter! We picked up 4.6″ of new snow in the last 24 hours and more is on the way! It is currently 11 degrees. The overnight low was 10, and yesterday’s high 20. It is currently snowing lightly. The trail has been packed out with the roller packer – 2 passes so far and we’ll keep working on it today. No classic track set yet but well see what we can get done later today.

Let’s go skiing!!!


Groomer’s report – Wednesday 1:30 PM

Wow – nice storm(s). We’ve been packing non-stop for almost two days. The trail is coming out very nice! Snow depth stands at 32 inches! We picked up 14″ of new snow in the last 24 hours, on top of the 7″ from the previous 24 hour cycle! It is currently 15 degrees and snowing lightly. We have made multiple passes with the roller/packer today and I’m hoping to head out shortly with the GinzuGroomer and to set some nice cord down.

Looks like we are at the end of this storm so let’s get out there and ski!


Groomers report – wednesday 9 AM

13 inches of new snowfall overnight. We are trying to pack down the trails to keep up with the accumulation. We will keep taking passes through out the day and keep you informed.

Thr current temp. is 20 degrees, last nights low was 12 and yesterdays high was 25 degrees


Groomer’s update – 1:20 PM

We have packed in the 10″ of new with 7 passes with the roller/packer. I’m heading out now to make a few more passes and pack in what has fallen in the last 2 hours. We have a slight lull in the snowfall – just light flurries right now. No classic tracks are set nor will they be until this storm passes. Skating will be good although slow going right now.