Groomers report Fri. 7:30

Good morning skiers, We have 33 degrees this morning with a low of 32 last night. It is currently raining, so no grooming was done this morning. We will be doing some trail work today to fill in some thin spots. We chose not to groom so as not to damage trails!

Have a great day!


Grooming report – Thursday, 5 Feb. 0815

Good morning skiers!  This morning, the skate track was groomed and set nicely.  Classic tracks were laid yesterday, and are still holding up well.  The snow was wet while I was grooming, and it will only get wetter with the rain.  It was snowing all morning, until about 0800 when it began to rain.  The overnight low was 30*F with yesterday’s high being at about 34*F.

The temperature was about 31*F while grooming, and the trails were groomed between 0600 and 0800.  Enjoy the trails and enjoy skiing on them!


Grooming report – Feb. 4th, 0830

Good morning skiers!  The overnight low was 29*F and the day reached 44*F.  All of the ski trails have been groomed and are looking great!  The snow was frozen over this morning, so it should make for a slick trail.  Grooming began at 0600 and ended at 0800, with it snowing the entire morning.

Whether you are in for an easy ski or a challenge, the trails are ready!  So have a wonderful time skiing and a great day!

Groomers Report -Tues. 11am

Good morning skiers, with our wet snow and rain yesterday, we had a very hard and fast track this morning. All trails were groomed, Beaver hill and Meadow loop cleaned up nicely, a few thin spots between Mtn. Springs and Boys home but after that snow is great on Beaver creek all the way to stables and back!

It was 29 degrees during grooming, should warm up and soften up by this afternoon.

Have a great day skiing!


Grooming Report – Sunday, 1 Feb. 2015

Good morning skiers!  All of our skate ski trails are groomed nicely between 0600 and 0830 and are ready for skiers!  The overnight low was 28*F with yesterday’s high being around 37*F.  The trails are a little softer then they have been the past couple of weeks due to snowfall.  Today is supposed to be cloudy with chances of precipitation.

Hopefully the snow continues so we can make the course even better!  Until then, enjoy your afternoons out on the trail and have fun skiing!

Groomer’s report – Saturday 9 AM

Morning skiers!  With a light snow falling and a trace of new, it is currently 30 degrees.  The overnight low was 28 and yesterday’s high was 32.

This morning all trails were groomed for skate.  Meadow Loop Trail and Beaver Creek Trail were also groomed with new classic track.  Should be great skiing, especially skating today!  Watch for a few limited icy spots under the trees.

The snowshoe trail is packed and open!  About 4 K’s long, including the trail to Mt. Springs Lodge.

We are having an event on the trails today.  It will be held on the Beaver Hill Trail starting about 12:30 PM, and ending by 2 PM.  It is a 1 K three person relay, with a focus on the kids skiing on the Plain Valley Nordic Team.  All are welcome (kids or adults), and we will find a team for you if you want us to!

Have fun and rock it!


Grooming report Fri. 9am

Good morning skiers, grooming was completed between 6-8:30 am. Meadow Loop and Beaver Hill have nice snow,skating deck in good shape, classic tracks are hanging in there! It was 27 degrees during grooming with a light snow. Beaver Creek trail has some thin spots through Mtn. Springs and through trees on the way to Boys home and Stables, but once you get to Boys home and beyond, snow is great!


Have a great day skiing!


Grooming Report, 29 Jan.

Good morning skiers!  The weather today is supposed to be mostly cloudy with some sun.  The overnight low was 27*F and yesterday’s high was around 33*F.  All of the trails were groomed this morning, from 0600 to 0800.

The skate trails are fresh but will soften throughout the day in places.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy the course!