Programs and Registration

Roller Ski Program

2017 PVNT Roller Ski Program Registration Form
Our Roller Ski Program includes both classic and skate roller skiing, with agility courses, hill bounding, trail runs, fun camps, and a race Triathlon Series. Click here for registration form and more info.

As part of Roller Ski Program registration, each skier receives:

  • Sunday pospicles for Devos after practice (summer)
  • Worldclass coaching from nationally renowned French skier, Pierre Niess
  • Unlimited use of roller ski equipment, with roller ski rental fee
  • Participation in PVNT camps and special events

Winter Ski Program

2016/2017 PVNT Winter Ski Program Registration Form [For Reference Only]
Our focus is to expose kids to the fun of skiing, and, as they get older, show them how much fun traveling to and participating in ski races with your team can be.

As part of Winter Ski Program registration, each skier receives:

  • After-school Snack
  • Season Trail Pass for Plain Valley Nordic Ski Trails
  • Ski Waxing and Race Waxing
  • Unlimited gear usage from Plain Hardware rental fleet, if you have paid your gear usage fee. Day use only.
  • Seasonal use of team jacket. Limited to first registered, first to get a jacket. Each jacket will have a number and that jacket/number will be issued to one skier. Jackets not returned at the end of the season will need to be paid for by the skier to whom it was issued ($75).