Plain Valley Nordic Team

We love sharing our passion for skiing with the kids in our community.  The life lessons learned while young skiers participate in a well-organized ski program will help to shape them into outstanding young adults.  Our goal is to make participating both fun and affordable.  We are working hard to keep registration fees low by involving the greater community in supporting the Plain Valley Nordic Team (PVNT).  Click here to learn more about how we are doing this and how you can help!

Winter Ski Program

Sign up now for our 2017-18 season!  Our focus is to expose kids to the fun of skiing, and, as they get older, show them how much fun traveling to and participating in ski races with your team can be.  Last winter, we had 60 local kids participating in PVNT.  The PVNT is the start of the pipeline that young skiers can follow if they wish to race for the US Ski Team and qualify for the Olympics.

Roller Ski Program

Our Roller Ski Program includes both classic and skate roller skiing, as well as agility courses, hill bounding, and trail runs.  Special events include a two-race Triathlon series.


We had four fun PVNT Camps in 2017:  Mt. Rainier Camp, Winthrop Camp, Little Wenatchee River Camp, and Tall Timber Camp.