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Monday, 3/12/18 - Today will be our last open day.  We have melt outs in multiple areas and no snow in the forecast.  It's a tough decision as the skiing has been so good, but the melt outs are damaging to the grooming equipment, and it's time to stop. On behalf of the groomers and [...]

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Sunday, 3/11/18 - The trails are holding up really well given the warm temps during the day.  Grooming happened again last night just before the temperatures dropped below freezing, so conditions should be really good this morning.  Skate lanes were freshened up on all of the open trails and classic track was left and will [...]

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Saturday, 3/10/18 - It's 22 degrees under clear skies this morning.  Grooming happened again last night just before the temperatures started dropping, so this morning will provide the best conditions.  We were able to set new classic and skate lanes on all the open trails and they are looking pretty good.  As the temperatures warm [...]

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Friday, 3/9/18 - Good morning, spring skiers!  Is snowed all day on the trails yesterday, for about 2" of new, which we groomed in last night.  This morning we have sunshine and 38 degrees at 9:30 am.  The overnight low was 30, and yesterday's high was 38.  Fresh skate and classic were set for today.  [...]

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Friday, 3/9/18 - Grooming happened last night just as the snow was ending, so the trails should look pretty good this morning.  New classic tracks and skate lanes were set on all the open trails with the exception of Grizzly Mountain Vista which just got skate.  Be aware of the spring conditions as the temperatures [...]

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Thursday, 3/8/18 - Good morning, skiers!  At 11 am it is snowing and 33 degrees.  We have around 1" of new on the trails since we groomed.  The overnight low was 28, and yesterday's high was 41.  I skated all the trails yesterday and they were in great shape, and very firm.  We do have [...]

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Wednesday, 3/7/18 - Looking like a great day of skiing today, with cold temps last night and sunshine this morning!  It is currently 30 degrees at 10 am.  Overnight low was 16, and yesterday's high was 42.  We groomed both skate and classic late yesterday for today's skiing.  It  should be firm and fast this [...]

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Tuesday, 3/6/18 - Good morning, skiers!  Under blue skies, is is 38 degrees at 11 am.  The overnight low was a chilly 17, and yesterday's high was 41.  We have good coverage and good skiing today, with the skate platform and the classic tracks very firm and fast this am, and slowing down as the [...]

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Monday, 3/5/18 - Good morning, spring skiers!  Under a high and thin overcast, we have 35 degrees at 10 AM.  We have a trace of new overnight, with a low of 27.  Yesterday's high was 39.  I skated the trails between 2 - 4 PM, and they stayed firm and it was really good skiing.  [...]

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Sunday, 3/4/18 - Yesterday’s high was 45 degrees, but it got down to a low of 22 last night, which means that the classic will be fast this morning.   The grooming will focus on the skate lanes starting on Meadow Loop and then making its way up the Beaver Creek Trail all the way to [...]

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